We have been building project since 2013 and will show you how to them on buildingandbloggin.com We make projects for all level of person. We use many common tools that most people have. The materials we use for many projects are repurposed materials. We will show you the best ways to get materials and great tools for making cool projects. 

Types of stuff we work is wood, cork, glass, leds, mason jars, pvc, etc...


Some off the tools we use are hammer, speed square, lots of saws, drill and drill bits, sander, paint brushes, etc..

I make 12 at a time 10 sell 1 to keep one for charity

We sew all off projects on a Singer sewing machine, we use quality threading, and the best fabrics. You can find coupons for fabic's at Joanns online or in the paper. We use the zipper head, button stitching head, and different sized needles.

When you need to get inspired turn on some JRE