How to Make a DIY 12 volt DC airconditioner

Intro:  12 volt DC Cooler These portable 12 volt DC coolers are really cool and works good. You can uses theses in a small room, a tent when camping or even in your car. I use a 12 volt battery to power the DC fans. I used four small fans that I wired together. I cut a square out for the fans and cut a circle out for the cold air to come out. You fill the cooler with bottles of ice 


Step 1: Tools and Supplies Tools
wire strippers
heat shrink
solder iron
electrical tape
jig saw
dc fans
venting lid
banana plug connectors
water bottles
zip ties

Step 2: Cutting I first made a prototype out of a styrofoam cooler. I simply traced the the out venting on the top of the cooler, then used a jig saw to cut out the hole the right size. Then i did the same thing with the DC fan. I traced it on the front of the cooler then used a drill to cut out a small circle so I could fit the jig saw in to cut.

Step 3: Building Building the portable DC powered air cooler is pretty straight foward. Once you have your holes cut i simply put the top venting in the hole. Mines fit in really nice i did not glue or screw it down because I have it so that i can take off the top vent and put it in the cooler for transporting. I put the fan in the front facing inward to the cooler blowing on the ice bottles. I had to solder all the wires from the fans together then I added a switch also. Then I connected the positvie and negative wires to banana plugs for easy use.