Cat T-Shirt Tent

This is a fun simple project to make with material you probably can find around the house. Cats like almost anything they can crawl in and this is no different. Basically some card board metal hangers tape and safety pin and you can make your cat it's own tent

Tools and Supplies

pliers - to bend hangers
sissors / razor blade to cut card board
card board
t shirt
safety pins

 Making frame

Start by cutting your card board. The size that I cut it to was 15 x 15 inches. This works good for both the hangers and the t shirt. Then bend and cut your hangers. I used a pliers to bend the end of the hanger to break off the curved end. Then use the pliers to bend the hangers into U shapes that will make the dome of the tent. Once you have these cut and bent you need to attach them to the card board. Do this by poking holes in the corners of the card to stick the hangers threw. Once threw bend them so meet in the middle then then tape them together. Also you can tape the hangers in the corners were they connect to the card board. Here you could add carpet or other fabric for the cats to lay on

Adding The T-Shirt


As you can see the cats love there tent. You could add a toy hanging from the top, or make it bigger for multiple cat to use at the same time. This is portable and easy to make with supplies probably laying around the house