Crayon Art

Crayon Art

These crayon art project are very easy to make and look pretty cool. All you need for this project is a blank canvas, crayons, hot glue gun, hot glue, and a heat gun to melt the crayons. We put are color is in the order of Roy-G-Biv. You wanna glue down every crayon individually we have the crayon label facing out on all the crayons the same direction.

Step 1: Supplies and tools

Hot glue
Hot glue gun
heat gun

Step 2: Make your art

First organize all your crayons above the canvas on the edge you want to glue them to. They should line up the width of the top of an edge of the canvas. Take one Crayon at at time an glue it in place starting at one edge.

After GLuing all the crayons take a heat gun and point it at the crayons. The colored wax will start dripping down. This is where the art is created. I recommend doing this on some card board or something you can clean up.