High Lighter Safe

This is a cool project to make that you can hide small stuff in. You can roll up money and put that in the high lighter. Can put matches in it what ever you feel. This is pretty much a free project to make. Also you can take the inside of the high light and put it in a bottle of water and it will glow in the black light. That's another project though. The tip of the high lighter will remain and can write with it for a little bit. It does require a butter knife to open which makes it less likely to be opened by someone who doesn't know anythings in it. Make sure you keep it in a place that know one else will pick it up and take it to use. Make sure to use the bigger high lighter.

Tools and Supplies


High Lighter

Pocket Knife/Butter Knife

Stuff to Put in it


Making the high lighter safe is pretty straight forward. I found using a butter knife was the easiest way to dis assemble the high lighter. In order to open up the high lighter you need to take your butter knife and stick it in the back end cap. Pry off the the white cap /ip. This should pop right out if you pry at it right. Make sure not to ruin the cap when taking it off. Take out the inner high lighter part this should slide right out giving you an open space. You can put money in it, bullets, notes, whatever you can think of that fits. Then just pop the cap back in and put in a safe place. Make sure not to confuse it with other high lighter.