If you going to be making projects you need the right tool for the job. Tools can be expensive I slowly started gathering tools as I needed them for projects. Also keeping your tools organized is very important in saving time when you need to find and use them. I have a main tool box that is good for transporting. mount power tools is a good organizer and cool to display and easy to find along with saving room

Wall Storeage

If you have a lot of tools a good way to store them is by haning them on the wall.  This services as a way for storing them. Also this is a cool way to display your tools for people to see all your tools. The way I did was using the peg board wood with holes in it. They also make metal ones. These are pretty cheap and you get the hardware to hang different tools with. You can get more of the hard ware if you need more them. Some people outline there tools on the board for where tehy go, so that they always get put back in the same spot.

Tool Boxes

Having good tool box is key for making stuff and organizing your tools. A good tool box will keep your tools locked up, dry, and organized. There are many different types of tools boxes. I have seperate tool boxes for eclectronics, small tools, car tools, et...


Have a good set of pliers is another great tool to have around. Theses come in many different sizes and styles. Great for holding down nuts when screwing, losing nuts, can use on pipss

Zip Ties

I can even list al the things I use zip ties for, they are great I have them laying around everywhere, drawers, tool box, cars,e... There are small ones long ones heavy duty ones different colored ones. A couple of examples I use them for is tying up wires, attaching materials, holding stuff together. 

Wratchet Set

Having a wratchet set is crucile for doing projects.  This set is small and compact. This is for smaller bolts, and just a small set. I have a couple of these in different spots. Make sure to always put the bit back in it's right spot. This also comes with a 3 inch adapter for if you can't reach the bolt your trying to get to.

Digital Calibrator

A digital calibatar is a nice tool to have when you need it. It is used for measuring pipes or round objects. Also this is used when you want to make exact measurements.  These are very precice and accurate. It comes in a nice case to keep it in good condition.

Razor Blades

Having a razor blade comes in handy for many diferent things.  It is great for trimming stuff up, cutting threw stuff.  There are many different handles and types of razor blades.  Razor Blades are pretty cheap so always keep a sharp one so that when cutting you give yourself the easiest way to cut stuff.

Drill Bits

Having drill bits is one tool that should be invery tool box.  Drill bits are used to make holes so that when you add a screw the hole is pre drilled so the screw goes in easily and straight.   Having a case for your bits is great to have so you can find them fast and the right size you need.  These are cheap so I would buy muiltiple one of them.  These can break pretty easy, so alway have back ups. Ive seen people cut the head off a nails and use the nail as a drill bit.  There are different bits for drilling threw wood, metal, glass, etc...

Sharpie Marker

Having a sharpie marker is great for projects. They are used to make clear making on materials. Having different colors is also nice to have.  Always keep one around where you know where it its.  

Flash Light

A flash light is used for when you need to see down under an engine, or behind stuff.  Even during the day a flash light can be great to have. Always make sure to have batteries in it.  I like using the LED light flash lights.

Alan Wrench

Alan wrenches are great to these also come as standard and metric. Some come as black and sometimes they will silver. These come in many sizes these are used for a lot of house hold common projects. These can easily be lost so make sure to keep them in a good spot. These can break and are pretty cheap so I would recommend getting a couple sets of them.


You would think a hammer would be pretty self explanatory but there is a lot to know about hammers actually. There are different lengths, weights, sizes,etc.. of hammers. If your going to be swing a hammer all day it will definently help to get a good one. A hammer can range from one dollar to 300 dollars. There are also rubber hammers or malts, short hammers wood handled and many more.


A level is another pretty common to you will use. This is used to keep all your pictures straight. Also they are used to make sure your projects are level and everything lines up. Sometime at one end of something will be level but on the other side it won’t be. It’s fun to try leveling it first by eye and then using the level to see how close your were.

Stud Finder

A stud finder is a great thing to have when you need it. Always make sure to have batteries in it that work. I’ve used the other methods of finding studs in the wall but trust me getting a stud finder will save you holes in the wall. They are pretty easy to use and vary from stud finder to stud finder.


there are many different types of lube for different situations. Lube can help when you have a bolt stuck, or can get a part to fit in somewhere. Lubing up parts will help them last longer and maintain them.


protractors aren’t just for your kids back to school bag they also come in handy for many projects you might not even think of. They are used to get you that angle to make sure everything lines up right. They’re one of those tools you don’t think to buy but when you have when you need you’ll be thankful you coughed up the buck to get it.

Pipe Cutter

There are many different types of pipe cutters. They used a clamp you can adjust to the size of the pipe and you tighten it down and spin the cutting devise on there to cut the pipe without bending the pipe. It’s crazy how they work and doesn’t take make to cut the pipe. They make different pipe cutters for different types of pipes.


Duct Tape

Duct tape is pretty self-explanatory but now it comes in all different colors. It’s crazy how much stuff it can be used for. We’ve made multi blogs using duct tape you can check out.

Ruler Straight Edge

Having a ruler is different from a tape measure in the fact that it can be used as a straight edge, and a measuring device that is pefectectly straight. It is used for quick short measurements. Get a Metal one and a straight one.

Electronics Tools

Power Toolsower Tools


Survival tools