12 volt DC Wind Turbine

I was looking for another way to for free power. I maybe this mini wind turbine that actually works. I connect it to a charge controller that allows it to charge my 12 volt batteries. This is a smaller turbine but works on the same concept as the big turbines. I got my turbine off line and bout the pvc pipe at local hardware store. I was pretty easy to make and interested in green/free energy I would recommend making one.

Tools and Supples


jig saw

wire strippers


solder iron


drill bits


PVC pipe

4 PVC 90 connectors

3 PVC T connector

electrical tape


wind turbine


Building this 12 volt wind turbine is pretty straight forward. Depending on the size of your turbine will help determine the size you want to cut your PVC. I cut to pieces for the long bottom sides at 18 inches. Then to make it square i cut 4-8.5 inches pieces to make a square. I cut them 8.5 inches because the T connectors will take up space. Then you are going to need to cut to more pieces of PVC that are the middle PVC pieces that connect to another T connector that the turbine will go in. On one of the side PVC pieces i drilled out a hole for the wiring to go threw. Then I ran the wire threw the PVC up threw the to and then soldered the negative and positive wires to connectors.


looks cool when spinning