wood ring

These diy wood rings are pretty cool. They have a pretty cool look and theres many different ways you can make these. I made mine out of a tree branch I found in my yard. You will need to find the right size branch that is not to big or or not to small grab a couple and do some trial an error. I sanded mine down. could also stain them if you wish. It took me a couple to get it right i broke a couple of them them trying to cut out the hole. Not sure what type of wood it was. This only requires a few tools to make.

you can use wood dowles

Step 1: Tools and Supplies







hand saw


drill bit

hand chissel

finishing sander

Step 2: Cutting Branch





After you find a good branch to use starting cutting. Make the branch is a good size and wont be to big in between your finger. I found using a hand saw worked best for cutting the branch. Start with cutting a your branch with a straight cut. Cut slowly and take your time. Make sure to make a smooth cut at the bottom of the branch. Now cut the branch a second time to cut off the part for the ring. Cut this about 1 -2 centimeters depending on the width of the ring you want. Make sure to cut this straight down even with the edge so the ring is straight. Cut a few at one time in case you break one while cutting out the hole.

Step 3: Cutting Center Hole







This is the part where you need to be careful not to break your ring. I started by drilling a small hole in the center or wood. After you have a small hole drilled use a bigger dit to make the hole bigger. You can take the drill bit and move it around to create a bigger hole. Do this again with yet another bigger bit. I steeped on the ring to hold it down so it didn't move with the drill spinning.


Take a long circle file /chissle and start working it up and down scraping out the center of the wood. This can take a little while be careful not to scrap to hard to break the ring. go in a circular motion so that you don't create groove in the inside of the ring. If you do make a groove you can file it out. Keep filing until you get size that fits your finger.


I took some fine sand paper and sanding the inside of the ring so that it was smooth. Then i took a finishing sander and sanded the sided. I also sanded of the bark layer on the circular part of the branch. Stain if you want and your done.