This is a cool different way to take shots. You can make these with stuff you probably have around the house. These are ice shot glasses so they will be slippery. The longer they are out of the freezer the more slippery they will be. Clear some space in the freezer and start making. Get your supplies together. Depending on your freezer this can take 4 hours or so to freeze, I just left mine overnight. Also you can add food coloring to the water to make them any color you want. If you don't leave them out too long you can reuse them multiple times. Keep in mind that a regular shot glass will be a bigger shot when making because of the glass itself. The size of the final shot glass will depend on the glass sizes you have around. These are really easy to drink out of. Let your drink of choice sit in the ice shot for a few seconds and drink up. Be responsible and make at your own risk.