Zipperhat was created by myself and a group of friends who turned it into a serious company.  We make custom Zipperhats for people also known as the ZipBack. We started in early 2014  out of Madison Wisconsin. First with an online store and plan on moving to a downtown state street location.  We started with the best  quality sewn hats and have only gotten better. The designs have grown and same with the product line.

Tought by my mom when i was young how to sew starting with halloween projects, fixing jeans, replacing buttons, seats, and anything that needed a zipper fixed.

We plan on bring ZipBackHats to the market as a new design.

The type of website that this is, is  a site to sell custom made zipperhats to people aka ZIPBACKS. The customer can  customize the color, size, number of zippers, hidden pockets, fo pockets, and real pockets both zipper and normal along with choice of buttons.

We use the top of the line products from hats to threading. We use the best machines and passaniate employees sewing our hats.

Types of Styles


The Misson of Zipperhat is to spread the new line of hat designing and bring the zipperhat to the market. Theres already snap back, and velcro, hears the new zip back hat.


Customized One of Kind ZipperHat

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